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speech, language & literacy

EXPLORE is a private practice serving Alberta, specializing in speech, language and literacy development.


Our office is located in the southwest-central Calgary community of Glenbrook. Home visits may also be available.


Online therapy services are offered throughout Alberta.


Let’s begin by chatting about your speech, language and/or literacy needs.



speech therapy &

accent modification

(ages 4 to adult)

Children and adults may require support if:

  • their speech is difficult to understand.

  • they have trouble pronouncing one or more speech sounds.

  • they would like their speech to sound more natural & be understood more easily.


Click here for information about speech sound milestones.

language therapy

(ages 4 to 18)

Language therapy is helpful when children are having difficulty with:

  • understanding spoken or written information, and/or

  • expressing their thoughts and ideas.


Click here to see the areas supported.


(ages 4 and up)

Because difficulty with learning to read is primarily language-based, speech-language pathologists are well suited to support literacy development.

We support learners by providing clear step-by-step instruction using the components of structured literacyClick here to watch a short video about the science of reading and structured literacy.

Language and Literacy Skills Info Sheet.



Please contact me to book

 your free consultation.


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